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PM 10.5Y Portata 10 kg Div. Lettura 0.01 g

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SKU: MNT-J36296


PM 10.5Y Portata 10 kg Div. Lettura 0.01 g
Capacita massima  [Max]: 10 kg
Divisione: 0,01 g

Fast and Stable Measurement
It only takes a second for the balance to display the final measurement result.

Weighing Heavy Loads with High Accuracy

On the large weighing pan of a PM balance, you can weigh a load of 120 kg with a readability of 0.2 g and second-to-none repeatability.

Minimum Eccentricity Error Over the Entire Range

PM balances can be used to determine the mass of irregularly shaped components with a centre of gravity that is significantly shifted from the weighing pan axis.

Parameter Stability Over Time and After Transport

The mechanical design is resistant and robust, allowing you to maintain the correct metrological parameters after transport and despite long and intensive use.

Weighing Pan Dimensions Adapted to the Accuracy of the Balance

Weigh with the highest readability of 0.01 g on the 200 x 185 mm weighing pan and with a readability of 0.2 g on the 500 x 400 mm weighing pan.

New, lmproved 

The new, taller and larger



enables the best repeatability and speed
in its class of weighing platforms.
5Y Terminal
With Terminal 5Y you get a 10-inch display, Digital Weighing Auditor, multi-step user

verification, ambient light alerts, hotspot, RFID, live note voice and text notes, voice commands

for the balance and handy measurement history within the handy library widgets

Weighing instruments purchased after 15th February 2023 will allow under-pan weighing at any time after the purchase. All you need to do is just to order a dedicated hook.

Metrological parameters
Physical parameters
Communication interface
Electrical parameters
Environmental conditions
Capacita massima  [Max] 10  kg
pesata minima 0,5  g
Divisione 0,01  g
Intervallo di verifica della bilancia [e] –  
intervallo di tara -10  kg
pesata minima (secondo USP) 8,2  g
pesata minima (U=1%,k=2) 0,82  g
Ripetibilita (Max) 0,01  g
Ripetibilita (5% Max) 0,004  g
linearita ±0,025  g
tempo di stabilizzazione 1,5  s
Calibrazione internal (automatic)  
Classe OIML –  
Leveling system semi-automatic – LevelSENSING  
display 10? touchscreen  
Dimensioni del piatto di pesata 200×185  mm
Packaging dimensions 520×520×280  mm
Peso netto 12  kg
Peso lordo 14,2  kg
interfaccia USB-A ×2, USB-C, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, Hotspot  
Alimentatore Adapter: 100 – 240V AC 50/60Hz 1A; 15V DC 2,4A
Balance: 12 – 15V DC 1,4A max*  
temperatura di lavoro +10 — +40  °C



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